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Content is your business. But writing it is only the beginning.
To maintain user engagement, your site needs an impeccable internal linking.

Good internal linking reduces bounce rate and keeps your reader consuming more of your content.

Not only that, it helps Google find, index and understand all the pages on your site. It indicates to Google what your important pages are. It ultimately increases your ranking and brings more readers.

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But creating relevant and optimized links is time-consuming.

Each time you write a new piece of content, how do you find relevant links from this article to your old content? Reversely, how do you find all the old pages that can link to this new article? As the volume of content grows, this becomes a real burden on your content team.

How can LinkStorm help you as a publisher?

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LinkStorm simplifies the whole process by automizing the hard part: finding the right links.

LinkStorm uses 4 different proprietary methods based on AI to find link opportunities. You only have to edit your content and follow the suggestions.

This is a real time saver! Let your team focus on the writing with the help of LinkStorm.

Link your related pages

SEO tool for publishers

LinkStorm analyses your content with a proprietary algorithm and suggests relevant links to add between your pages. LinkStorm shows where to place the link on the page and the preferred anchor.

This allows your team to be more productive by focusing on the writing part.

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SEO tool for publishers
LinkStorm helps publishers build links

Build links between all your sites (coming soon)

LinkStorm helps publishers build links

Do you own several websites within the same topic, industry, or niche?

LinkStorm is not limited to only one site but can also help you build relevant links between all your sites.

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Get a complete picture of your internal linking.
Build relevant links. Fix internal link issues.

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