Link auditing

Understand the impact of internal links

1. Visualize your site's internal linking

Impact of internal links on ranking

The more internal link equity a page receives, the more important the page will be perceived by Google’s crawler, indexing, and ranking systems.

LinkStorm combines the metrics from Google Search Console and the analysis of your website's internal linking to generate a comprehensive link audit, and presents a unified view of your page's important data.

Impact of internal links on ranking
Internal linking analysis

By visualizing ranking data and the number of internal links side by side you can instantly see the impact of internal linking on ranking. This helps you answer questions like:

  • Can I add relevant links to my top-performing pages to make them rank even higher?
  • Do I have pages that are not performing well because they don’t receive enough links?
  • What are the link opportunities I can take advantage of to improve my rankings?

2. Build more links

Internal link audit

After generating a link audit, LinkStorm makes the next step – adding new links – really easy by showing you all the relevant internal links you can create.
Choose a page that needs more links, or that you want to optimize, and implement LinkStorm's suggestions!

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Internal link audit

Get a complete picture of your internal linking.
Build relevant links. Fix internal link issues.

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