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LinkStorm is a comprehensive internal linking tool for SEOs and publishers.

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Get a complete picture of your internal linking

LinkStorm crawls your pages and analyzes their content to help you adjust your website's internal linking.

Find new internal link opportunities

LinkStorm leverages cutting-edge AI to recommend relevant internal links across your pages.

Fix internal link issues

LinkStorm helps you fix internal links issue like broken links and nofollow attributes.

Optimize your internal link anchors

As your site grows, LinkStorm helps you keep track of the anchors used in your internal linking.

How does LinkStorm work?

LinkStorm crawls and analyzes your content, suggesting relevant internal links to enhance it.
With full control, you can implement each suggestion with just one click.

Watch this one-minute video to learn how LinkStorm works.

Milosz Krasiński - Growth and Digital Strategist

We're already using their other SEO tools, Linkody and IndexCheckr, so we're very excited about LinkStorm's launch.

Milosz Krasiński
Growth and Digital Strategist

How can LinkStorm help you?

Easily build internal links

LinkStorm analyses the content of your website with 2 distinct proprietary AI methods to suggests relevant links between your pages.

Simply accept a suggestion to have the link placed directly into your content!

Internal links suggestions report
Internal linking audit report

Audit your site's linking

LinkStorm crawls your pages and analyzes their content to produce a comprehensive report on your site’s linking.

With a complete picture of your internal links, LinkStorm helps you adjust your website's linking to maximize your site's performance.

Internal linking audit report

Fix internal link issues

Links break all the time for many reasons: content updates, page deletions, or technical errors.

LinkStorm helps you find and fix all internal link issues: broken links, redirections, nofollow…

Internal link issues report
Internal linking audit report

Improve your interlinking

LinkStorm integrates with Google Search Console to combine ranking, CTR, and view data with an analysis of your website's internal linking. This creates a comprehensive link audit, providing a unified view of your page's key metrics.

Use this report to build links in a scale-down or scale-up approach.

Internal linking audit report

Optimize your anchors

LinkStorm's anchor report displays the distribution of your links' anchor texts.

Ensure all your anchors are descriptive, varied, include relevant keywords and associated terms, and avoid over-optimization.

Internal link anchors report
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